Vertex Invoice IQ Overview

Vertex Invoice IQ facilitates invoicing that meets your regulatory and business requirements in the supported regions and countries. Some of these country-specific regulations may include:

  • Specifying the exact wording in the title of the invoice.
  • Sequential numbering.
  • Displaying amounts in the local currency along with an exchange rate.
  • Issuing the invoice in the local language.
  • Providing a signature of the supplier or the authorized representative.
  • Displaying the accounting code of the service you are selling.
  • Displaying a reverse charge message for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales.

The invoice can be delivered using a number of options:

  • Emailing the customer a link to the invoice (the link can be to either an HTML page or a PDF download).
  • Embedding the invoice content into the body of an email to the customer
  • The invoice (PDF or HTML) can be pulled into your system so that it can be accessed by customers after they have authenticated on your site.

For Taxamo Assure by Vertex customers, invoices will be sent for goods where Taxamo bears the liability (as per the configuration in your invoice settings).

Integration Options

If you are an existing Vertex Advantage, Vertex Advantage Plus or Taxamo Assure by Vertex customer, this invoicing module is included and integrated alongside the other features. Invoices will be sent when a transaction is confirmed and according to your invoice settings.

If you are solely a Vertex Invoice IQ customer, you need to use the API to integrate the service with your webstore.

After the integration is complete, you can go to the Merchant Portal where you can adjust settings for your invoices under Settings > Invoicing.

For Vertex Invoice IQ customers, you need to contact support to get a user before you can integrate with the service. After you get this user, log in to the Merchant Portal and retrieve your access token. You will need this to be able to make requests.

Sample Invoice for Vertex Advantage

Here is a sample invoice. This is a US Dollar (USD) transaction, with the customer currency detected as Euro (EUR).


Sample Invoice

Sample Invoice for Taxamo Assure by Vertex

Here is an invoice for Taxamo Assure by Vertex. This is a US Dollar (USD) transaction, with the customer currency detected as Indian Rupee (INR). Note the use of the Taxamo logo and additional text on the footer of the invoice.