One-time Sales

Pre-defined products

The simplest way to launch the Taxamo Checkout Form is to declare product definitions on the Taxamo Merchant Portal and then copy-and-paste the links or the HTML code used for launching the Taxamo Checkout.

This method would be appropriate if you have a relatively small mix of products, or a mix of that is fairly static, and your customer typically purchases a single product at a time.

Example product link:


The Taxamo Checkout Form can also be launched with Taxamo.js. This method is more appropriate when you have a larger mix of products and your customers checkout with a basket of products.

In the case of a sale between Taxamo and the customer, the transaction key returned will belong to the Taxamo account transaction. It can be easily fetched using the Taxamo API described further by providing the returned transaction key.

Try it here (the JavaScript code below can be modified to your liking):

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