One-time Sales

One-time or once-off sales are single transactions. A typical example might be a webstore selling specialist equipment for cycling. They tend to sell a fairly static catalog of goods and these sales tend not to recur.

You can integrate one-time sales by using the UI or the JavaScript file.

UI-based Integrations (Pre-defined products)

The simplest way to launch the Checkout Form is to declare product definitions on the Merchant Portal and then copy-and-paste the links or the HTML code that is used to launch the Checkout Form.

This method is appropriate if you have a relatively small mix of products, or a mix of products that is fairly static, and your customer typically purchases a single product at a time.

For an example of what this looks like in a webstore, see the Demo Page:


The Checkout Form can also be launched with the Taxamo.js file. This method is more appropriate when you have a larger mix of products and your customers' baskets contain multiple products.

In the case of a sale between Vertex and the customer, the transaction key that is returned belongs to the Vertex account transaction. You can use the API to retrieve it.

Here is an example of configuring the file for one-time sales: