Transaction Keys

The Transaction Key is used to specify transactions in requests that are sent to the service.

It is represented in the API by the transaction.key field.

It can be used with the following requests:

  • Confirm transaction
  • Un-confirm transaction
  • Refund transaction
  • Cancel refund
  • Retrieve full transaction

For example, To confirm a transaction, use a POST method and the following URL:

where :key is the Transaction Key.

The key is created by the service and returned in the response from the Store transaction request. For example, here is a snippet showing the field:

"kind": "untaxed",
"tax_supported": false,
"tax_country_codes": "BR",
"key": "TMREAAEa9gZysHy7eMYpdjIeqD74",
"tax_amount": 0,
"tax_deducted": false,
"billing_country_code": "BR",

You use the Store transaction request to create the Transaction Key and you use the Confirm transaction request to confirm that transaction (using the Transaction Key).