Read the glossary to get an overview of terms.

Back-to-Back InvoiceThe invoice created by Taxamo on behalf of your business for the sale between your business and Taxamo to match the sale between Taxamo and the customer when Taxamo facilitates your sale.
Vertex Advantage PlusThe name of the product that facilitates the payment of your tax liabilities in international markets.
Vertex Invoice IQThe name of the product that provides invoicing capabilities for Vertex for e-Commerce and standalone users.
Vertex for e-CommerceThe name of the product that you can use to facilitate international sales.
Taxamo AssureTaxamo Assure is the name of the product that shifts liability to Taxamo to facilitate payment of tax.
TaxamoThe name of the legal entity that bears liability for Taxamo Assure qualifying transactions.
Vertex ValidatorThe name of the product that validates Tax IDs.