Threshold Monitoring

Threshold monitoring helps you to ensure you are monitoring sales thresholds for each region.

Some tax jurisdictions have a sales threshold which, when exceeded, triggers VAT/GST obligations. When you enable tax in a region, threshold monitoring is automatically enabled.

You can use the Threshold Monitoring feature to help you to track your sales in countries with these thresholds to show you how close you are to triggering such VAT/GST obligations.


When a threshold is exceeded, the dashboard the EXCEEDED alert is displayed.

The following alert status are available:

HIGHYou sales are more than 66% of the threshold.
MEDIUMYour sales are between 33% and 66% of the threshold.
LOWYour sales are less than 33% of the threshold.
N/AThe Tax Authority for this region does not set thresholds so monitoring is not needed.
OFFThreshold monitoring is turned off for this region.
EXCEEDEDYour sales for this region have exceeded the threshold.
NEGATIVEIndicates that the amount is negative.


The amounts displayed are indicative and based on the past 365 days divided by the settlement period such as quarterly or monthly.

Threshold Tracking UI

To access the Threshold Tracking UI, open the Dashboard and go to Settings. The following UI is displayed:

Threshold Monitoring UI

Threshold Monitoring UI

The table shows the threshold tracking information for each country. It shows a percentage that indicates progress towards exceeding the threshold.

Disabling Threshold Monitoring

You can find a checkbox in a region's settings that you can use to disable threshold monitoring. For example: