Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard helps you to operate and configure your account.

You can use it to manage your global VAT/GST and sales tax compliance which includes threshold monitoring, tax reporting, refunds report along with providing data for audits and so on.

The Dashboard home page provides useful at-a-glance information about the activity on your global sales. A wide range of real-time data is provided to give you insight into the performance of your business.

The UIs are divided into the following sections:

International VAT/GST UIThis UI helps you to get a global overview as well as a detailed view for specific regions.
Transaction UIsThese UIs can be used to view a list of transactions, bulk load transactions or use the Threshold Monitoring features.
SettingsThese UIs help you with your account settings, settings for each country and invoices.
ReportsUse the reports listed here for reporting.
LogsUse the Logs UIs to help with log file tracing and analysis.