Tax Rate Changes

Read about recent and upcoming tax rate changes.


The following sections list recently implemented rate changes:

July 2023

  • Turkish VAT rate changed from 18% to 20%.

January 2024

The following changes were made in January 2024:

  • Swiss rate increased from 7.7% to 8.1%. The reduced rate for e-books increased from 2.5% to 2.6%. These changes apply to Liechtenstein as well.
  • Estonia's rate increased to 22% .
  • Luxembourg's rate reverted back to 17% after a temporary 1% reduction in 2023.
  • Singapore's GST rate increased from 8% to 9%.

March 2024

  • Malaysia's rate rose from 6% to 8%.

May 2024

  • Laos' rate changed from 7% to 10%.




The dates listed here are not certain. They are indicative approximates based on the most current information and may depend on other factors for confirmation before they are implemented.

The following lists the changes that are planned in the near future:

  • September 1st 2024: The VAT rate in Finland is due to increase from 24% to 25.5%.
  • October 1st 2024: Thailand will revert from 7% back to 10%.
  • January 1st 2025: Indonesia's rate is due to increase from 11% to 12% no later than January 1st 2025.
  • Switzerland has a potential rate increase from 8.1% to 8.5% but this is subject to ratification by referendum.