Release Notes for 2023

23.1 (January 26th)

  • Fixed issue where the Nigerian Naira (NGN) currency was not displaying.
  • Added means for Vertex Advantage Plus users to send a message for events that are in process.
  • Support for Stripe seating subscriptions has been added. See Subscriptions for Stripe.
  • Support for State Department ZIP codes in Washington has been added.
  • The Payment Reference field is now read only for non-custom payments for Vertex Advantage Plus customers.
  • Fixed issue where a quote with a blank payment reference field was processed in error.
  • Syntax check for Iceland updated to 10 digits.

23.3 (April 3rd)

  • Fixed issue in Vertex Advantage Plus where the filtering of remittance results was not correct.
  • Fixed unexpected behavior in some foreign currency exchanges.
  • Fixed issue with settlement report for Oman.
  • Restored ordering by status in Advantage Plus.
  • Quantity values are restricted for Stripe subscriptions.

23.4 (May 23rd)

  • Fixed issue where some postal codes caused an error in Vertex O Series.
  • You can now use the customer_id field to map values to the Customer Code field in Vertex O Series. See Mapping Company IDs to Customer Codes.
  • Corrected issue in Webhooks where incorrect settings could be applied.
  • Added flags for PSO to allow the allow adjustments to address processing. See Address Validation.
  • You can now process exemption certificates in your US transactions. See Exemption Certification.
  • Corrected unexpected error in rare circumstances for Foreign Exchange rate handling.
  • Added feature to process Tax IDs for recently closed businesses in South Korea.
  • Addressed issue that caused some inconsistencies in the Vertex Advantage Plus dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with nippy authorization token for Vertex O Series.

23.5.2 (June 6th)

  • Fixed issue with credit note job processing.
  • The invoice postal library has been updated.

23.6 (June 23rd)

  • Support for Egypt has been added for Vertex Validator, Vertex for e-Commerce and Taxamo Assure.
  • Support for Tanzania has been added for for Vertex Validator, Vertex for e-Commerce and Taxamo Assure.
  • Admin panel updated to allow for scrollable search.
  • Footnote length in invoices is now limited to 256 characters.
  • Encoding check added to CSV file upload.
  • Foreign currency exchange rate sources for Mexico can now utilize 1000 units.
  • Corrected issue with Stripe Webhooks integration that caused errors to be generated.

23.6.1 (July 10th)

  • Update to the Turkish VAT rate, which has changed from 18% to 20% from July 10th.

23.7.1 (July 27th)

  • Addressed issue where the payment reference information was missing from the Filing Summary in some circumstances.
  • Fixed error where the Transaction Currency that is displayed for transactions in Taiwanese Dollars (TWD) in the Settlement report.
  • Removed text about indicative rates from Taiwanese invoices.

23.8 (August 14th)

  • Fixed issue where some refunds were not displayed in the Settlement report.

September 29th 2023

  • Added new Business-to-Business (B2B) reports for India.
  • Added a Consultation ID to the Bulk Upload feature for Vertex Validator that allows you to return the consultation information generated by services such as VIES.