Refunds Schema

The Refunds schema models refund information.

refund_note_urlType: StringRefund note image URL.
refund_note_numberType: StringSequential refund note number.
refund_keyType: StringRefund identifier.
line_keyType: StringLine identifier. If neither line key or custom id is provided, the refund amount will be assigned to lines in order.
refund_timestampType: StringRefund timestamp in UTC timezone.
refund_note_number_expandedType: StringRefund note number with CN-{invoice-number}-{refund-number} pattern.
amountType: NumberAmount, excluding tax, that was refunded.
informativeType: BooleanIndicates whether the refund was applied to an informative line.
tax_amountType: NumberThe amount of tax that is refunded.
tax_rateType: NumberThe tax rate that is used to calculate the refund.
total_amountType: NumberThe total amount, including tax that is refunded.
refund_reasonType: StringThe justification for the refund. This is reproduced on the credit note.