Drop-In UI Overview


The Drop-in UI provides four levels of granularity:

  1. Pre-built components which attach to a parent element in browser DOM tree.
  • These components include region control and business tax number control.
  • They introduce their own DOM elements and handle events and logic.
  • It is possible to customise labels and text.
  1. HTML tag data-taxamo-* attributes, which enable you to attach Taxamo UI logic to existing DOM tree elements. This supports:
    • updating form field values
    • control visibility of form elements
    • two-way binding of fields to Taxamo API data
  2. JavaScript functions/handlers which can be attached to DOM elements programmatically.
  3. Direct calculateTax endpoint access from JavaScript layer

There are also events published using the standard JavaScript window.Event object.

Supported browsers

Taxamo Drop-in UI fields supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome desktop/mobile
  • Safari desktop/mobile
  • Firefox desktop/mobile
  • Microsoft Edge desktop/mobile
  • Opera desktop/mobile

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