eGUI Number Pool for Taiwan is too small

What happened?

You have run out or are close to running out of eGUI numbers for Taiwan. To avoid this, you want to increase the size of your pool of numbers.

How to fix it

Login to your Taiwan Ministry of Finance account portal here:

Select the last option "Apply for E-Invoice Alphanumeric Numbers", as shown here:

Choose the option to increase the numbers:

Select the option to "Increase Numbers (every 50 numbers per unit)", and then enter the quantity that you want to increase the eGUI count in each 2-month period. To increase by 1000 per month then enter 2000 per period as shown below:

Once the application has been submitted you will receive an email acknowledging the request and confirming whether the application was successfully submitted. Later (a different day) you will receive a confirmation of the increase of the numbers. When you receive the numbers please forward them to support so that can be configured in your account.