Bulk Tax ID Validations

To validate a lot of tax IDs at once, you can use the Bulk Tax ID API and endpoints. These are facilitated by 2 requests:

  • Bulk Validation Request: Use this request to validate a large number of Tax IDs in a single request.
  • Poll Results Request: Use this request to retrieve the results of the processing. Returned results are assigned a request_id that can be used to identify the results and retrieve them in future requests.


  • This feature is only available for EU Tax IDs that are checked by the VIES service.
  • The services for some countries in VIES have regularly scheduled downtime. This can delay any bulk upload processing during these times. See here for details.

API Authentication

See Authentication.

Process Flow

The following diagram shows the possible steps for this processing, using both requests:

The steps are as follows:

  1. The user wants to validate a large batch of Tax IDs in single request. They send a Validate Batch request. The Tax IDs are specified in the attached JSON.
  2. Later, after allowing some time for processing, the user wants to check the results. They send a Poll Results request. Vertex Validator returns the results.
  3. Even later, the user wants to retrieve the same set of results again. They can use the request_id generated by the service and returned in the request in step 2. To do so, the again send a Polls Results request but this time they also specify the request_id in the request.