Exemption Certification

Certificates facilitate exemptions that may change the applicable tax for transactions in the United States of America (USA).

This integration works with Vertex Certificate Center to facilitate these exemptions. It is not compatible with Vertex Exemption Certificate Management. See Getting Started with Vertex Certificate Center in Vertex Community. This requires a Vertex Community user and the appropriate licenes.

Customer Codes

You can use the customer_id field to specify the customer code that is generated by Vertex Certificate Center.

This field is used to determine if any certificates should be applied to the transaction.

API Integration

You can use the customer_id field to pass your Customer Code (that is associated with an exemption certificate) to Vertex O Series (OSC), triggering the exemption.

To integrate these components with the service, you need to add the customer_id field to your requests. This value is mapped to the exemption certificate record in Vertex O Series (OSC). You can use this field with the Store transaction request.

The following is an example of a Store Transaction request:

      "transaction": {
          "transaction_lines": [
                  "customer-id": "my_certificate"
                  "custom_id": "line1",
                  "amount": 100
          "buyer_ip": "",
          "currency_code": "EUR",
          "billing_country_code": "BE",
          "buyer_credit_card_prefix": "424242424"
      "private_token": "priv_***********"
  }' \