US Sales Overview

The service is a global service for businesses selling digital goods and services and it can be used for individual regions/countries such as the US for sales tax. It has a comprehensive US sales tax solution that has its own reporting dashboard and configuration page.

Tax location determination

For taxing US sales, the service calculates the tax rate using the evidence provided by the customer.

At its simplest, this evidence can be as little as a 5-digit ZIP code. However, since there can be multiple tax jurisdictions within a ZIP code, the more information provided will ensure a more accurate location determination and tax rate. A step up from the 5-digit ZIP code is to use ZIP + 4 and, for more precision, also provide the full street address.

In addition to location determination, the service also has an address validation feature which will validate and standardize to USPS standard the address information that your customer provides. For more information, see Address Validation.

Tax Categories

You need to add Tax Categories to facilitate reduced rates. For more information, see Tax Categories.