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Taxamo is a global service for businesses selling digital goods and services and it can be used for individual regions/countries such as the US for sale tax. Taxamo has a comprehensive US sales tax solution that has its own reporting dashboard and configuration page.

Location determination

For US sales tax Taxamo will do country determination and then calculate the tax rate using the evidence provided by the customer. This evidence can simply be a 5-digit Zip code. Taxamo also has an address validation feature which will validate and auto-correct the address information that your customer provides on the Checkout page. Please see Address Validation for more information.


Taxamo's detailed tax settlement report has the tax component Tax Authority name and ID, to find out more information about this see Detailed Settlement Report Fields.

Product codes

For US transactions, the product_tax_code is a required field for each line item as the product type may determine which taxes and tax rates apply. Please see Product Tax Codes.

If you are only considering using Taxamo for US sales tax you may want to consider future-proofing your integration. This would involve a minimum amount of additional development time and gives your business the ability to turn on more countries in the future by enabling them in the Taxamo dashboard.

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