Get refund details

Use this request to retrieve the details for refunds.

To retrieve these refunds, use a GET method and the following URL:

You can add the Query Parameters to the body of the request. You can also add them to the URL, for example:<token>&custom_fields=AU&date-from=2022-07-09&date-to=2022-07-13&limit=21&offset=0



Query Parameters

You can specify the following fields in the attached JSON:

private_tokenStringAccess token.
formatStringChoose between json or csv. The default format is JSON.
country_codesStringSpecify a comma separated list of 2 letter country codes.
date_fromStringSpecify the date of issue for the first invoice. The format is yyyy-MM-dd.
date_toStringSpecify the date of issue for the last invoice. The format is yyyy-MM-dd.
custom_fieldsStringSpecify a common separated list of custom fields.
limitNumberThe value of this field is limited to 1000. The default value is 100,
offsetNumberThe offset value. The default value is 0.