Subscriptions are recurring payments that recur at regular intervals. For example, the monthly fee for a subscription service.

In the case of subscriptions, plans should be defined with Stripe and referenced in Vertex as described below. PayPal recurring payments can be launched using Stripe plan data as well.

PayPal integration requires the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) endpoint configured as usual. Stripe webhooks are set up directly by Vertex, so there is no additional action necessary.

It is possible, with both Stripe and PayPal, to tax the same amount for the subscription and add tax to the price based on the customer’s assigned VAT rate.

With Stripe subscriptions the total amount (base amount + tax) can increase or decrease when the tax rate changes.

With PayPal the total amount will remain the same, but it will adjust for the tax amount calculated.

UI-based Integrations (Pre-defined products)

The simplest way to launch the Checkout Form, so each product has a unique checkout link, is to declare product definitions in the Merchant Portal and then copy-and-paste links or HTML code used for launching.

Example product link:



Only the Taxamo.Checkout(), Taxamo.Product() and Taxamo.CheckoutJWT() functions can be used with the service. The Taxamo.doSubscriptionCheckout and Taxamo.performCheckout functions should not be used.


The Checkout Form can also be launched with Taxamo.js. This method is more appropriate when you have a larger mix of products and your customers checkout with a basket of products.

In case of a subscription between Vertex and the customer, for example a delegated sale, the transaction key returned will belong to Vertex's transaction. It can be easily fetched using the API.

Try it here (the JavaScript code below can be modified to your liking):

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