Settlement Report

The Settlement report provides a quick overview and summary information for settlements for the region.

To access it, click on the region name under Reports and click the Settlement Report tab. For example:

Settlement Report tab

Settlement Report tab


The following filters are available for this report:

PeriodDepending on the country report this will be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.
QuarterChoose quarter that you want to report on.
Apply refund toThis filter allows you to decide how you apply a refund to the tax report. These options are to apply the refund to the Refund date or apply them to the Transaction order date.


The following columns are displayed in the report:

CountryThe tax country
Tax rateThe rate applicable in the tax country/state. Note there may be multiple tax rates within a country. Each of these will be shown as an individual line item.
AmountThe sale amount (pre-tax).
Refunded amountThe refund amount (pre-tax).
Final amountThe net amount (sales minus refunds).
Tax amountThe total tax amount on sales.
Refunded tax amountThe total tax amount on refunds.
Collected taxThe total sum of the tax applied on transactions (sales minus refunds).
Calculated taxAs per the collected tax with tax authority specific rounding applied.