Test and Live Modes

Use test and live modes to test before you deploy to production.

Test mode

Test mode is the default mode of operation for every new account. Test mode allows merchants to familiarize themselves with the service in a sandbox mode.

Merchants can perform the same operations in test mode as in live mode, such as:

  • Login to the Merchant Portal
  • Use the Checkout Form or JavaScript API or REST API to:
    • Test transaction flow
    • Browse reports and transactions for test data
    • Integrate with Payment Gateways in test/sandbox mode

Transactions performed using test mode tokens are stored within the service, but are not settled with tax authorities.

Merchants can perform as many transactions as required while in test mode in order to fully evaluate the service.

Live mode

Live mode is used for processing actual sales. This mode will connect to payment providers in live/production mode. For sales where the VAT/GST obligation is delegated to Vertex, the tax will be settled with the relevant tax authorities.



Even with live mode enabled, merchants still have access to both sets of tokens. Depending on the token used, any incoming data will be applied to the appropriate mode.