Checkout Overview

Taxamo provides a pre-built integration with payment providers, allowing for the detection of relevant tax information, the calculation of taxes, and the assignment of a proper entity through which the sale will be made.

If Taxamo is deemed to be the seller for the customer, it means Taxamo is liable for VAT/GST purposes.

The Taxamo Checkout Form supports both one-time and recurring sales and can be launched with a link or through our convenient JavaScript interface.

Taxamo Checkout Form integration steps

Before an integration can begin there is a setup required both by Taxamo and by the merchant. The following steps should be considered typical for a merchant with a small number of products that wants to use the Taxamo Checkout Form with Stripe or PayPal.

These steps are just to illustrate this particular use case and should not be considered as requirements for all Checkout Form integrations.

Account setup by Taxamo

When a decision has been made to proceed with a Taxamo integration, the Taxamo sales team will provide you with a signup URL so that you can create your own account.

Account configuration by the merchant

Stripe account

If you do not already have a Stripe account go ahead and create one now. If you will be using subscriptions but do not have any created yet, go ahead and create one now so that it can be used for testing - others can be added later.

If using Stripe Connect to settle the VAT/GST collected from the customer, configure your account to connect to the Taxamo. If using Taxamo’s treasury settlement this Connect step is not necessary but you will need to work with the sales team to configure the treasury process.

Taxamo Merchant Portal

When you receive login details for the Taxamo Merchant Portal, browse to and login. To get started you need to configure the following items:

  • Tax regions - enable the regions where you want Taxamo to calculate tax, and configure additional regional settings such as B2B.
  • Thresholds - if you are selling into a country that has a sales threshold and you are below the threshold value, you can disable tax calculation for that region until you are ready to begin charging VAT.
  • PSP - if using Stripe or PayPal, configure them via the dashboard here.
  • Get API tokens - see this section to get the API tokens that you will need to launch the Checkout Form.

Setup Checkout Form products

To configure one-time (non-recurring) products, go to Settings > Checkout Form > Product definitions then click ‘Create new product’. A price and description of the product should be added. Click that it is available in test mode, and to accept Stripe payments.

For subscription products, go to Subscription definitions then click ‘Create new subscription’. Add a reference to the ID of the Stripe plan - this will allow the plan price and description to display in the Checkout Form when launched. Click that it is available in test mode, and to accept Stripe payments.

Whether setting up one-time or subscription products, you can optionally configure the following fields to control the behaviour of the Checkout Form after a successful purchase, or if the customer cancels the purchase.

Set up invoicing

Once you have configured your products and included them on your site you may want to look at setting up invoicing. From here you can configure settings to enable/disable the creation of invoices in various situations. Finally click into the Invoice data customization to populate the fields that will be displayed on the invoice.


Taxamo will issue invoices for all taxed sales if selected.

Invoicing rules

This mechanism can be triggered under a number of various conditions.
Go to Settings > Invoicing and click on Decide when invoices are generated and sent by email.


Invoices will be issued for all sales.

Invoice data customization

Invoices issued can be customized in areas including logo image, numbering and date format. Go to Settings > Invoicing and click on Setup invoicing basic customization.

Update styling

Once you have the Checkout Form working functionally, you can return to the Taxamo Merchant Portal and configure additional settings that will affect the look, behaviour, and styling.

From the settings page:

  • Click into display settings to upload your company logo, a background image, or to add custom styling with CSS.
  • Depending on your existing Checkout process, you may want to hide some fields on the Checkout Form. See Customization to learn how to hide the fields.


If you wish to support additional languages other than English in the Checkout Form go to Settings > Internationalization in the Taxamo Dashboard settings.

Modify merchant site

Now that you have configured everything to get setup within your Taxamo account. You just need to modify your site to launch the products created.

In order to use the Taxamo Checkout Form on your site, you must include taxamo.js. In addition to launching the form, it provides a number of helper functions and the ability to make calls to some of the Taxamo API endpoints.

  1. Place either one of the following
<script type="text/javascript" src="">
<script type="text/javascript" src="">
  1. Run the initialize function with your public test token:
  1. Add a ‘Buy Now’ button or link to your HTML page. These can be copy-pasted from the product setup in the Taxamo Merchant Portal.


After confirming that you are able to launch the Checkout Form, here are some scenarios that you can test:

  • Create transactions for both B2B and B2C
  • Create transactions in countries in which Taxamo is an intermediary, countries in which Taxamo is a service provider, and countries in which tax calculation is not enabled
  • Confirm transaction amounts in Stripe are matching the values in Taxamo dashboard
  • Review generated invoices to ensure the amounts and personalized settings are included

To review transactions within the Taxamo Merchant Portal, click the transactions list and browse or filter for your test transactions, and then click the individual transaction to view the details.

Go live

Once your integration is complete and you are ready to go live, contact Taxamo for a final review.

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