Example Direct API Integration

This example shows a process flow that illustrates how the service can be integrated with your webstore.

The steps here are designed to illustrate a typical transaction flow from viewing a product's details page, to adding to the basket, to confirming the transaction.

Some details have been simplified in this example:


Direct API Integration Process Flow

The steps are as follows:

  1. Customer visits store.
  2. Request returns tax information.
  3. Customer sees price including tax.
  4. Customer adds goods to cart.
  5. Requests returns tax information and creates transaction.
  6. Customer makes purchase.
  7. PSP confirms payment details.
  8. Transaction confirmed.
  9. Transaction is confirmed in Vertex.
  10. Invoice issued to customer from Vertex.
  11. Customer receives invoice in an email.
  12. Data sent back to Merchant's ERP system.