CAPTCHA Validation

Some tax authorities require that users who request a validation solve a CAPTCHA before the number is validated.

You can use one of the following methods to configure this:

  • Checkout Form: If you use the Checkout Form, the CAPTCHA image is displayed to users and the information is passed to the tax authority.
  • API: The API can provide a Base64 image of the CAPTCHA that can be presented to the user. When solved by the user, the solution is returned to the service and it is used to facilitate the validation of the tax number with the tax authority.



For some integrations, these options may not suit as you may not want to present your users with a CAPTCHA. If you think this is the case for you, contact support to explore possible alternatives.

The API response is either true or false. True indicating that the number has been successfully validated.

The validation service is facilitated by a third-party service provider. If there is an error with this service, a warning message is returned. For example:

[{"type": "b2b-error", "message": "...any other error..."}], [" service is not available"]

When the number cannot be validated by the third-party service, the buyer_tax_number_valid field is returned as null.