Release Notes

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Releases for 2024 are listed here:

May 1st

  • Addressed issue with refunds for Taiwanese e-invoicing.
  • Some foreign currency rate sources update more than once in a day. Such changes are no longer shown as a past rate change.
  • Corrected an issue where some additional currencies incorrectly showed scientific notation.
  • Addressed an issue where some tax names and tax authority names were missing for some US transactions.
  • Addressed an issue where the Checkout was loading more slowly than normal.
  • Addressed issue where Stripe accounts could not connect from the UI.
  • Added yearly reporting period to the Detailed Settlement Report.
  • Added refunds to the B2B Reports for India.
  • Both letters and numbers are stored for Canadian postal codes.
  • Addressed issue that sometimes cause the Detailed Settlement report to fail.
  • Addressed issue in Advantage Plus where some users could not open some reports.
  • Addressed issue where sometimes rates for Malaysia were not fetched correctly in certain instances.

March 22nd

  • Added Tax Jurisdiction fields for State, County and City to US transactions.
  • The Create a refund request has been enhanced with the following fields for US refunds: Tax Rate, Refund Reason, Refund Timestamp, Amount (without tax), Tax Components. See US and Canadian Refunds (Tax Components Schema) and US Sales Overview.
  • The Get refund details request has been enhanced with the following fields Custom ID, Amount (without tax) and Tax Components.
  • Both numbers and letters can now be specified as part of a Canadian postal code.
  • Added Sales and Use Tax field to US invoices and credit notes.

Documentation Updates

January 22nd

  • Support added for multiple Tax IDs for Canada for the Checkout Form.
  • Added ability to validate GST and HST Tax IDs in Canada instead of the PST.
  • Invoice footnotes are limited to 256 characters.
  • Support has been added for Tax ID validation for Egypt.
  • Support for validation of Tanzanian Tax IDs has been added.
  • Advantage Plus only. Addressed issue with Filings filter in Live mode.
  • Addressed some errors in Stripe webhook handling.
  • Advantage Plus only. Addressed an issue where the Payment Reference was not displayed in the Filing Summary.
  • Addressed timeout errors that can occur on the Transactions tab.
  • Consultation ID is added to Vertex Validator.
  • Users can now download the Detailed Settlement report from the notification email.
  • A new B2B report is added for India. See B2B Reports.
  • Addressed issue where in rare circumstances some transactions to be duplicated in the Detailed Settlement report.
  • Added feature to allow for the caching of invalid tax IDs for a country.
  • Advantage Plus only. Invoice formatting issues are addressed for some countries.
  • Support added for validating multiple Tax IDs in the Checkout Form.
  • Addressed issue where some foreign currency exchange rate sources had not been updated.
  • Addressed some errors in the JavaScript used with the Checkout Form.
  • Addressed issue where some rates from the Oman source were not retrieved correctly.
  • Addressed issue where Date Range selection values could be partially hidden behind a UI table in certain circumstances.
  • Addressed issue that caused parsing error for some foreign currency rates for the Singaporean source.
  • Negative amounts can now be displayed for regions, such as Canada, that can have multiple authorities.
  • Addressed issue where some unnecessary calls were sent to Stripe when Checkout Form fields not related to Stripe were updated. These no longer occur.
  • Added database validation for Swiss Tax IDs.

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