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Tax Calculation

Taxamo provides location determination and tax calculation via the stand-alone /tax/calculate API endpoint and also via the /transactions API endpoint.

For US transactions, the product_tax_code is a required field for each line item as the product type may determine which taxes and tax rates apply.

Along with the product_tax_code there is a requirement to pass Taxamo the Zip code (postal_code field)

   "transaction": {
       "currency_code": "USD",
       "transaction_lines": [
               "custom_id": "1",
               "amount": 100,
               "product_tax_code": "310107"
       "billing_country_code": "US",
       "buyer_credit_card_prefix": "",
       "invoice_address": {
           "street_name":"2630 Croydon Drive", 
           "city": "Sanger", 
           "region": "CA", 
       "buyer_ip": ""
   "private_token": "priv_test_36gHlrdp5ULnpkerpzYLGLTE4jp2TXswZ6QS3B_QJnE"

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Tax Calculation

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