US and Canadian Refunds (Tax Components Schema)

The tax_components schema returns information that is specific to US and Canadian refunds. It contains the following fields:

revenueNumberThe refund’s monetary value or amount.
revenue_baseNumberThe part of the amount that can be taxed.
tax_resultStringStates whether the amount is taxable, non-taxable or exempt.
tax_rateNumberTax rate.
tax_amountNumberThe amount of tax that was paid.
tax_authority_nameStringThe name of the Tax Authority.
tax_authority_idStringThe identifier for the Tax Authority.
tax_nameStringThe name of the tax.
percent_taxableNumberThe percentage of the amount that can be taxed.
jurisdiction_codeStringCode that identifies the jurisdiction.
jurisdiction_typeStringIdentifies the type of jurisdiction.
state_codeStringCode that identifies the State.
refunded_tax_amountNumberAmount that has been refunded.
calculated_tax_rateNumberIf the revenue field is not equal to the base_revenue field, this field shows the tax rate that is used.
calculate_tax_rate_usedBooleanA Boolean that indicates if the calculated_tax_rate field is present.