Tax reports

When using the Advantage service Taxamo provides the necessary tax reports to help you to file your tax return. The tax reports are easily accessed via the Taxamo dashboard.

For each country, Taxamo creates 2 types of tax reports, a Settlement Report and a Detailed Settlement Report. Note: For EU businesses Taxamo also creates a VIES (EC sales list) and a domestic report.

Settlement report

This tax report shows the consolidated completed sales for the reporting period. By default, the report will be created for the next reporting period but there are several filtering options.

The filter headers are:

Period - depending on the country report this will be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly
Year, Quarter or Months - chose the tax reporting period you are looking for
Apply Refund to - This filter allows you to decide how you apply a refund to the tax report. These options are to apply the refund to the Refund date or apply them to the Transaction order date.

Each settlement report contents the following fields

Country: the tax country
Tax rate: the rate applicable in the tax country/state. Note there may be multiple tax rates within a country. Each of these will be shown as an individual line item.
Amount: the sale amount (pre-tax).
Refunded amount: the refund amount (pre-tax).
Final amount: the net amount (sales minus refunds).
Tax amount: the total tax amount on sales.
Refunded tax amount: the total tax amount on refunds.
Collected tax: the total sum of the tax applied on transactions (sales minus refunds).
Calculated tax: as per the collected tax with tax authority specific rounding applied.

Detailed settlement report

To access the detailed settlement report please click on 'Detailed settlement report' beside the 'Settlement report' tab, see the following screenshot.

The detailed settlement report is a report for each transaction for the reporting period, this report can be used for reconciliation or may be requested by the tax agent before filing the tax return.

There are a number of additional fields in this report over the settlement report. Please click here for fields glossary

Downloading a report

Tax reports are available to be downloaded in 2 formats, CSV and XML format

  • To download the data contained in the settlement report on the screen in CSV format, click the "Download CSV Report’ link".

  • To download the data contained in the settlement report on the screen in XML format, click the ‘"Download generic settlement XML file for further processing".

This XML format is a general format that can be transformed by the merchant into another format as required.

See the below screenshot to download your tax report

Refund reports

To access the refund report section merchants need to navigate to 'Refunds' on the left-hand side panel of the Taxamo Merchant Portal.

There are now two options under Refunds: 'Summary' and 'Detailed report'. Refunds reports are exported in .csv file format.

Taxamo provides a refund report which includes a summary of all refunds for any of the tax regions which you have enabled in your Taxamo account. This report provides a list of all refunds made. The report includes the following information:

  • Date of the refund(s)
  • Order date
  • Tax country
  • Refund tax amount
  • Total refund amount
  • Refund currency
  • Transaction key
  • Reason for the refund
  • Transaction external unique ID

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