Fields can be specified in the JSON that is attached to your requests and in the responses to those requests.

The following table lists the topics in this section:

Transaction SchemaThe fields for modelling transactions such as amount, addresses, buyer information and more.
Vertex Validator SchemaThe fields for Tax ID validation that are used by Vertex Validator.
Address SchemaFields for modelling addresses.
Location Evidence SchemaFields for capturing location evidence for digital goods.
Countries Schema (For Location Evidence)Fields for modelling location evidence per country.
Additional Interactions SchemaFields for capturing additional user interactions for CAPTCHAs.
Additional Currency SchemaFields for capturing additional currencies used on invoices.
Refunds SchemaFields for modelling refunds.
US Tax Exemption Certificate SchemaFields for managing exemption certificates for US transactions.
US Tax ID SchemaFields for managing Tax IDs for US exemption certificates.