Tax Inclusive and Exclusive Pricing

You can configure your prices to be either tax inclusive (universal) or exclusive (dynamic).

Tax inclusive pricing allows merchants to keep their price the same across regions and countries. This price includes the tax. This is known as Universal Pricing in the service.

Tax exclusive pricing allows the merchant to set a base price and to add tax dynamically when it is required during checkout. This is known as Dynamic Pricing in the service.

The service supports both types.

When configuring your requests, you can use the amount field to send the tax exclusive price to the service. It will return the amount with the tax (tax_amount field) added in the total_amount field.

If tax inclusive pricing is enabled, the service will use the total_amount field to calculate the tax and base price (amount field).

For Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions, if tax inclusive prices are sent in the total_amount field, the service will remove the tax from the total_amount field and return the base price in the amount field along with the tax_amount field.