Mandatory and Required Fields

The API, like all APIs, has mandatory fields that are required to complete the schema and successfully send a request. If you do not complete these fields, the API returns an error that indicates the schema is complete. These are referred to as mandatory fields.

In addition, specific products and features can require specific fields. For example, if you want to calculate a tax rate for Canada, you need to include the region in the request. These are referred to as required fields.

Required Fields for Vertex for e-Commerce and Advantage Plus

Vertex for e-Commerce and Advantage Plus require that you include specific fields for certain countries for calculating tax and storing transactions. These are outlined in the following table. This is only relevant for customers using the direct API integration.

CountryCalculate Tax FieldsStore Transaction Fields
United Arab Emirates (AE)Noneinvoice_address.region
Canada (CA)
India (IN)Noneinvoice_address.region
Japan (JP)Nonebuyer_name
Norway (NO)Nonebuyer_name
United States of America (USA)invoice_address.region

Required Fields for B2B Validation

Canada requires that you include the name of the business in requests where you want to validate a Canadian Tax ID.