Taxamo Assure by Vertex

Use this product to help you with your business's VAT/GST tax needs and reporting requirements. Taxamo Assure by Vertex is a service that you can use to help you sell digital goods in many regions and countries around the world.

After you have integrated the service with your webstore, where applicable, Taxamo bears the liability for your VAT or GST payments and ensures that you meet regulatory requirements in the regions or countries that you sell to.

It can help you to free your business from VAT/GST liabilities and reporting requirements. When you use the service, Taxamo is liable for the VAT/GST and is responsible for the correct collection, filing and remittance of VAT/GST to the relevant tax authority.


  • Taxamo Assure by Vertex only applies to digital goods.
  • Taxamo Assure by Vertex requires integration with real-time checkout processes so the Bulk Transaction Upload feature cannot be used with this product.
  • For a list of supported countries, see Supported Countries and Regions.

Business Benefits

The service has the following benefits:

  • You can sell into multiple countries without needing to register for VAT/GST with the tax authorities in every country.
  • Taxamo bears the financial liabilities associated with incorrect VAT/GST calculation and/or late filing.
  • Vertex manages the global foreign exchange exposure on the VAT/GST payments it makes on your behalf.
  • The system integrates seamlessly with your existing checkout process, providing real-time compliance without delay or disruption to the customer journey.


The service includes the following features:

Enable Global Sales

The service can help you pay the required VAT or GST tax for your digital sales and meet the requirements of customers in the supported countries and regions.

The integration with your checkout processes ensure that your sales are compliant, without disrupting your customers' experiences.

Manage Foreign Exchange Exposure

Payment of your tax obligations helps you to manage your exposure to foreign exchange rate risks.

Built-In Invoicing

The service allows you to take advantage of the in-built invoicing features. See Vertex Invoicing IQ Overview.

Display notes and images dynamically

The Taxamo logo needs to be displayed on the checkout page because of the tax liability they bear. This is required for tax compliance.

The logo is displayed on the checkout UI and on invoices sent by Taxamo. The following figure shows an example of the logo integrated into a checkout UI:


Logo Displayed on Checkout

Tax ID Validation

You can use the tax ID validation features to verify VAT numbers in a manner compliant with regional variations of regulatory requirements. For more information, see Vertex Validator.