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Invoicing Overview

The Taxamo invoicing solution provides merchants with the ability to send compliant invoices to their customers for confirmed (completed) transactions, as well as issuing compliant credit notes for refunds.

It enables merchants to comply with international country-specific regulations which include:

  • Sequential numbering
  • Displaying amounts in the local currency
  • Issue the invoice in the local language
  • Provide a signature of the supplier or the authorised representative
  • Displaying the accounting code of the service you are selling
  • Displaying a reverse charge message for B2B sales

The invoice logo can be uploaded and custom notes or links added to the invoice footer.

The invoicing solution gives merchants the following options for delivery of the invoice:

  1. By email - Display a link to the invoice in the email that your customer receives after purchasing
  2. Display the invoice on an URL
  3. Additional option to embed the invoice in an email to the customer
  4. The invoice PDF or HTML can be pulled into your system so that it can be accessed locally in the future - for example, in your customer dashboard.

Within the Taxamo Merchant Portal there are a number of configuration settings for invoices in Settings > Invoicing.


Rules for the creation and delivery of invoices are set on the Settings > Invoicing > Invoicing rules screen, as shown here with explanations for each of the settings:

Sample invoice

Here is a sample section of an invoice. This is a US Dollar (USD) transaction, with the customer currency detected as euro (EUR).

Invoicing rules settings

Any changes you make here will apply to both TEST and LIVE modes, unless there are separate settings for TEST and LIVE mode. You will find a list of all of the settings which can be customized below:

SMTP Configuration

Invoices will be delivered using custom SMTP server settings. Credentials are entered in the dashboard in the fields provided for test and live mode.

Invoicing template settings

Customisation of an invoice is available by configuring the following options.

  • Logo: Upload your own logo to appear on the invoice.
  • Invoice email from: The invoice email will show as coming from this address. This can be set to the relevant merchant email address.
  • Invoice number pattern: Customize the pattern of the invoice numbering. There are separate fields for Live and for Test modes.
  • Start value: The initial value to begin your invoice numbering. There are separate fields for Live and for Test modes.
  • Footnote: This area can be updated with any detail that the merchant would like to add to the invoice, for example, their terms and conditions.

Invoice data

The data that populates the invoice includes merchant and transaction information.

For manual transactions the data is within the Taxamo Merchant Portal under the following tabs:

  • Invoice number: This can be provided by the merchant, or it can be generated by Taxamo. Taxamo will generate a number that complies with international regulations, including EU rules that require sequential invoice numbers per country.
  • From address: Merchant details in the My account > Billing details section.
  • To address: Customer details from the ‘Invoice data’ tab. This can be found by going to 'Transactions' on the left-hand navigation bar in the Taxamo dashboard, and by clicking into the relevant transaction. After clicking on a transaction, 'Invoice data' is the third available tab.
  • Invoice date: From ‘Invoice data’ tab. As above.
  • Supply date ‘place’: Required by EU law, it shows the major city of the supply.
  • Line items: ‘Order details’ tab. This can be found by going to ‘Transactions’ and clicking into the relevant transaction. After clicking on a transaction the ‘Invoice data’ is the first available tab.
  • Email address: The customer email address is taken from the ‘Additional info’ tab. Again, click on ‘Transactions’ and view the required transaction. ‘Additional info’ is the fourth available tab. This is the email address that will receive details of the link to the invoice.

Invoice email

An email is sent to the address supplied.

The contents of the email are as follows:

Hello [customer name],

An invoice has been prepared for your purchase.
Please click on the following link to see your invoice: [html link to invoice will be included here] or download a PDF version here: [PDF link to invoice will be included here]

Best regards,

[Merchant details here]

Invoices for subscription renewals

If using Taxamo's subscription support, transactions are automatically created each time a renewal occurs.

If you have invoicing and auto-delivery enabled, invoices will be generated and sent to the customer automatically.

Other invoicing settings also apply to recurring payments. For example, if there is a discount on a recurring payment and the amount for that billing period is 0, the invoice will not be generated if the 'issue invoices for zero amount transactions' is disabled.

Also, there is an option to disable invoices for the placeholder transaction of a subscription.

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Invoicing Overview

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