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B2B Overview

For merchants who sell to businesses, Taxamo's solution offers realtime B2B validation. This can be important because in many countries B2B sales have a different tax treatment than B2C sales.

Every country that differentiates B2B and B2C sales has a different system or method for validating B2B transactions.
Taxamo's solution provides a way to validate all of them via a single API, which considerably simplifies your ability to manage B2B transactions across all countries.
We have integrated with a number of services operated by tax authorities in various regions.

Note, some regions also require a self-declaration message to be displayed so that the customer must confirm that they are a business for VAT purposes.

The current tax regions that are supported for B2B validation are listed below:

  • Australia: 11-digit Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Belarus: 9-digit Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • European Union: 2-letter country code followed by the VAT number
  • India: 15-character Goods & Services Tax Number
  • Norway: 9-digit Organisation Number
  • New Zealand: 8- or 9-digit Goods & Services Tax Number
  • Russia: 10- or 13-digit INN/TIN Tax Identification Number or a 13-digit Organisation Number (OGRN), this OGRN is a principle state registration number.
  • South Korea: 10-digit number 000-00-00000 VAT number
  • Taiwan: 8-digit VAT number
  • Turkey: 10- or 11-digit VAT number

B2B Overview

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