Integration Steps

Integration Methods

To connect your e-commerce software to Taxamo, you need to make Taxamo an interface in the purchase process. There are a number of ways to do this:

Taxamo Checkout Form

The Taxamo Checkout Form provides a customisable, pre-built checkout experience which integrates to Taxamo, Stripe, and Paypal. This is the most straight-forward approach to integrating with Taxamo.


  • Allows for a very simple integration with Taxamo and the PSP (Stripe and/or Paypal).
  • Just requires some basic JavaScript code to launch the form.
  • Allows Taxamo Assure transactions to settle VAT/GST & fees via split-payment at the time of purchase.
  • Displays products, prices, taxes, total and captures buyer information needed for checkout.
  • Displayed fields can be controlled either by settings in the dashboard, or with javascript.
  • Has logic for handling B2BB2B - Business to Business transactions. These can sometimes be VAT exclusive if a reverse charge mechanism is available. sales, region-specific requirements, Intermediary Plus requirements, subscriptions, and location conflicts.
  • Has a choice of 3 display modes: as a full-page, as a popup window overlaying the current page, or embedded in an iFrame.
  • Can be customised with CSS to match your site’s style.
  • As new regions are added and regulations are changed, Taxamo’s Checkout Form will always be in compliance with our supported regions.
  • Additional fields can be stored with the transaction using JavaScript but there is no ability to capture additional data within the Checkout Form.


  1. Configure the Checkout Form in the Taxamo merchant dashboard.
  2. Connect Taxamo to your Payment Provider or Providers:
  • Click here for PayPal instructions.
  • Click here for Stripe instructions.
  • Click here to contact us if your Payment Provider isn’t listed here.
  1. Configure your e-commerce software to launch the Taxamo Checkout form, either as an overlay or through an HTML link:
  • Click here for one-time product setup instructions.
  • Click here for recurring payments setup.
  • Click here for instructions on launching the form with JavaScript.
  1. Customise your invoicing templates. Click here to learn more about invoice customisations.
  2. Connect to the Taxamo RESTful API and/or Taxamo Webhooks to track sales (optional)

Direct Integration

For merchants that want to use a PSP other than Stripe and Paypal, or have complex scenarios not supported by the Taxamo Checkout Form, or want to maintain complete control over their checkout page, Direct integration with our API has the flexibility to handle almost any integration scenario.


Taxamo Drop-In UI

To make this easier Taxamo has developed a library of ready to use UI components and helpers in the form of Taxamo Drop-In UI.


  • Integrate directly with our REST API or use libs in a variety of languages such as PHP, Python, Javascript, and others.
  • Allows complete control of the checkout experience and customer journey.
  • Minimal modifications needed to the existing checkout page.
  • You can choose to work with any PSP that you are able to integrate with.
  • Provides the flexibility to handle complex business logic and payment models.
  • Does not support split-payments for Intermediary transactions - these must be treasury-settled.


  1. Configure Taxamo settings in the merchant dashboard.
  2. Modify your e-commerce software to use Taxamo as a part of the supply chain. Click here for detailed guide.
  3. Customise your invoicing templates. Click here to learn more about invoice customisations.
  4. Connect to the Taxamo Webhooks to track sales (optional)

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