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Invoice email domain configuration

By default invoices will be emailed from Taxamo's email servers. To have Invoice and Credit Note emails come from your own server, you can configure Taxamo to connect through SMTP.

Send from your email server via SMTP

In the settings page click into the Invoicing Rules page. There is an SMTP Configuration section at the bottom of the page, as shown here:

Click the tickbox to enable the SMTP customization in Test or Live modes.

The username and password must be from an account that is authorized to send emails from your SMTP server.

Specify the FROM email address

If you wish to specify a FROM email address, you need to add SPF or DKIM records for your sub-domain and let us know. We will then validate it from our side, and then you can then check your invoice emails to see if everything has been set up as expected.

General settings

To set an email address that will be used for all Invoice and Credit Note emails, browse to the Invoice Display Settings page and set the email address in Invoicing from field.

Invoice-specific settings

To override the email address from the general settings on a per-invoice basis, browse to the Invoice email templates page and set the email address in Email from field.

Invoice email domain configuration

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