API Overview

Before using Taxamo's RESTful API, merchants should consult the reference documentation.

API conventions

Taxamo's API follows standard REST conventions, so:

  • it is available through HTTPS
  • operations are grouped around resources – transaction, tax, refund, etc.
  • HTTP verbs and paths map to operations in a coherent way (e.g. POST / – create resource instance, PUT /:id – update resource instance),
  • the API version is set in the url – for example /api/v2 designates version 2 (currently used).

More information

Authenticating calls

API calls are authenticated using either public or private tokens, which can be retrieved from your merchant dashboard.

Depending on whether the token is for test or production, calls are applied to the appropriate data set.

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For each API call Taxamo retrieves your account settings. The settings are cached in the API for 900 seconds (15 minutes) by default. If you wish to override this behaviour you can add a header to the API request as shown below.

x-taxamo-no-settings-cache: 1

If you would like a different default for your account, contact Taxamo support to set a custom default for your account.